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Uterine bleeding shouldn’t regularly disrupt your life or cause you to miss work or school. Contact our office to book an appointment if you have concerns about irregularly long cycles, spotting between periods, or exceptionally heavy periods.

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Abnormal Bleeding Q & A

What constitutes abnormal bleeding?Abnormal Bleeding

After menopause, any vaginal bleeding is considered abnormal. Menstrual bleeding prior to menopause that seems random, overly heavy, or painful is also abnormal, particularly when these symptoms constitute a change from a pattern of previously “normal” cycles.

What are the risks of abnormal bleeding?

Abnormal bleeding interferes with quality of life. It can cause one to miss work or school. It can cause embarrassment, disruption in one’s normal sex life, prevent the ability to wear certain types of clothes or participate freely in certain leisure activities like swimming. In terms of health concerns, anemia can result when blood losses during menses exceed the body’s capacity to replace those losses. Patients with anemia can have chronic fatigue and other health consequences due the strain on other organ systems from the suboptimal blood levels.

Lastly, there is the impact on health from the underlying condition causing the abnormal bleeding to occur in the first place. Fibroids, uterine endometriosis, hormonal disruption from conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and uterine cancer are just some of the conditions associated with abnormal bleeding. All of these conditions can seriously affect health in their own right. Making the correct diagnosis is essential to treat the problem effectively.

What can you expect from a visit with us?

Seeking medical attention from an experienced provider is essential in order to implement the personalized treatment plan necessary to help you take back control of your life.

Our office is a peaceful, convenient setting where caring professionals will do a detailed assessment including history, physical exam, and appropriate testing. We offer pelvic ultrasound on site, as well as hysteroscopy procedures in office for your convenience.

Once a diagnosis is made, the options for treatment will be reviewed. Patients are given ample time in a non-judgmental setting to ask questions and to voice their opinions. Any treatment plan implemented will be collaborative between physician and patient – individually tailored to both the medical condition at hand and your personal goals for quality of life.

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