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Additional Reviews for Dr. Seth Finkelstein
a month ago
Dr. Finkelstein is my FOREVER DOCTOR! I wish he did dentistry, general practice, and everything else because he’s the only doctor I have ever had that is responsive, caring, dropped everything for you, and GENUINELY cares! He makes me feel …More

7 months ago

Excellent experience with Dr.Finkelstein . Very knowledgeable and dedicated to his patient’s wellbeing. I wish I would have seen him 4 years ago before falling in the wrong doctors’ hands and making decisions that were only helping their …More

2 months ago

I had a hysterectomy with doctor finkelstein I was a little nerves about this surgery after looking for a gynecologist for 3years i felt comfortable his very professional and make you feel safe that was my concern been safe I wanted to come …More

3 months ago

Professional, knowledgeable, caring and friendly doctor and nurse. I highly recommend every woman come to see Dr. Finkelstein, he will solve your problems.

10 months ago

I suffer with Endometriosis and have seen several different Dr’s…until I met Dr. Finkelstein. He has been amazing! I am grateful that I found him. Ty Dr!