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Pelvic surgery may be called for in cases of pelvic prolapse, fibroids, endometriosis, or severe urinary incontinence. Expert surgeon Seth Finkelstein, MD, provides pelvic surgery to women in Bergenfield, New Jersey. If you have a condition that may require pelvic surgery, call Bergenfield Gynecology & Wellness to set up an appointment or schedule using this website.

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Pelvic Surgery Q & A

What is pelvic surgery?Pelvic Surgery

Pelvic surgery refers to vaginal approach surgery in gynecology. Pelvic surgery is utilized in the treatment of prolapse, to correct problems related to vaginal support, urinary incontinence, problems with defecation, or complications of mesh. It may also describe a vaginal approach hysterectomy to address uterine prolapse, uterine fibroids, or uterine adenomyosis. Vaginal approach surgery may also be employed for myomectomy to remove an isolated fibroid, or ovarian cystectomy especially with dermoid-type ovarian cysts.

Why pelvic surgery?

Pelvic surgery is the most minimally invasive variety of gynecologic surgery available. When feasible it is the safest surgical approach, involves the least downtime, and leaves no visible scar whatsoever. Few surgeons have expertise in this area. Dr. Finkelstein takes pride in the expert proficiency he has achieved during his career in this type of surgery that has allowed him the opportunity to write on the subject, teach other young surgeons, and most importantly continue offering this service to patients.

If you have a condition that requires pelvic surgery, seek the expertise offered at Bergenfield Gynecology & Wellness. Call the office or use this website to schedule a consultation.

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